Why we think ‘Electronic Express’ will be the next big thing in electronic electronics

Electronic Express is a new electronic product that looks a lot like a classic vacuum cleaner.

Now, the Australian company says it has just raised $1 billion in funding to create an electric vacuum cleaner that can be connected to smartphones.

The company’s website promises that the electric vacuum will “recharge and vacuums up to 500 times faster than a conventional electric vacuum.”

That’s not just a fancy-sounding promise, but a promise that has been made before.

In 2009, a company called Sperl Technologies announced a vacuum cleaner called the Electric Luxury.

Sperls claim that the Luxury is a “world’s first electric vacuum capable of being plugged into a smartphone,” though it is not clear whether the Luxure is a vacuum or a light bulb.

The Luxury was discontinued in 2013.

The Electric Luxurys predecessor, the Electric Vacuum, was a lightbulb that used lithium ion batteries.

Spermulos vacuum is a relatively new technology, but it has already taken off.

The latest product, dubbed the Solar Luxury, uses the same technology, and it’s being marketed in the United States as the Solarlux.

That vacuum is being marketed as the “worlds first electric light bulb,” though a recent study says it’s not.

The Solar Luxuries original prototype looked like this: Spermula.com/spermula/ Solarlux Solarlux looks a little different, though.

The solarlux vacuum is actually a light box, which has a bulb that lights up when it’s activated.

You plug it into a wall outlet, and then you turn on the bulb.

Solarlux also has a built-in charger.

The bulb is rechargeable via the Solarlight technology, which is a sort of hybrid of lithium-ion batteries and rechargeable solar panels.

It uses about a kilowatt-hour (kWh) of solar energy, and that energy can be used to power a home, or a business, or anything else.

In addition to charging the bulb, Solarlux comes with a battery pack that can power a smartphone.

The battery packs are rechargeable in about 30 minutes, and they charge a smartphone from a standard 3.5-volt plug.

Solar Luxuries battery packs will be sold for $100.

Speringl is a company based in Australia, and the company has been making vacuum cleaners since 2010.

The electric vacuum company’s main goal is to replace conventional vacuum cleaners with vacuum cleaner technology, so the Solar and Luxury products are in line with that mission.

“The future of our industry is electric,” said Solarlux CEO Rob Sperling.

“Our goal is that we’ll deliver products that can charge your phone, charge your home, charge a car, charge anything.”

The Solarlux product will be available in late 2020, and Sperler expects the company to sell a million units a year.

The vacuum company says the Luxurie product will go on sale by 2021.

But it’s unclear how the Luxuria vacuum will work.

It’s also unclear how a person might use the Luxuriys product.

It doesn’t have a smartphone built-into it, nor does it have a charging station.

Solarlus is an electric vehicle company that says it hopes to make its own car in 2021.

“We are developing a new electric vehicle that will be capable of delivering a range of up to 300 kilometres on a single charge,” Sperlin said.

The first Luxury product will have a range from 100 to 300 kilometers, and there are plans to develop a second Luxury that will have more range.

It also doesn’t seem like there’s much competition in the vacuum market.

Solaris own product has only been sold in Australia for about a year, and its first customer was a Japanese company called Nippon Chemo.

The Chinese company has sold its first Luxuric vacuum cleaner to a Chinese manufacturer, but China has been slow to embrace the product.

“This market is a very difficult one, but we are going to have to learn from it,” Spertil said.

“It’s a tough market, because we are trying to do something new and something that is not just an ordinary vacuum cleaner, but something that can offer a lot of benefits.”

The Luxuries will come in different sizes, and each of them will be priced around $1,000, Sperly said.

In the United Kingdom, Solaris first product, the Solarluxe, sold for £1,500 in December, and was quickly discontinued.

The next Luxury will come out in early 2020, but Sperlings goal is for it to sell “over 100,000 units in the first year.”

The first Solar Lux Luxury came out in March.

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