The coolest parts of the next-gen iPad can be made of the same materials as the ones you already have

The next-generation iPad will be a lot more expensive than the first-generation one, and its design won’t be as cool.

But it could also have the same kind of cool electronics, according to some of the coolest parts inside.

According to a new report from TechRadar, Apple will be bringing the same kinds of cool features to the new iPad that we already see on the company’s most recent iPhone and iPad mini.

This could mean some of Apple’s coolest gadgets will look a lot like the ones we already have.

TechRadar’s report comes as Apple is expected to unveil its next-stage iPad product at its WWDC keynote on Monday.

TechRadars own source claims that Apple will likely start shipping the next generation iPad on Tuesday, and that it will likely be a much more expensive product than the iPad mini, which has already sold about 1.4 million units.

The new iPad will likely cost $399, $499, or $599, according the report.

Techradar’s sources also suggested that the iPad could use a variety of materials, including carbon fiber and aluminium.

The report noted that the new version of the iPad may also be made from carbon fiber, too.

The report also suggested the next iPad could have a smaller screen, but TechRadis source said this was still a possibility.

Techrads report also noted that Apple could use aluminum as a main panel, but this wasn’t confirmed.

The new iPad is expected be unveiled during the company s big keynote on Tuesday.

It will likely come with a larger screen, too, as Apple has been rumored to be considering a new iPad Pro, which would have a much larger screen.

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