Walmart Electronics department: No plans to build its own drone technology

By Josh Gershman, Wired, April 21, 2018 1:14:00Walmart is not planning to build a drone, but that doesn’t mean it won’t want to.

The Walmart store in Atlanta is one of a handful of locations that offer the drone option.

The drone is a “flying saucer,” in the words of Walmart, so it can be flown at night and fly over an area of land.

It can be remotely controlled, but the drone is tethered to the person operating it.

It has been around for decades.

It’s a great toy.

It will be a great thing for the future of retail and for a lot of people,” said Tom Cairns, the vice president of Wal-Mart’s e-commerce and consumer services.

Cairsons company is developing the drones.

Wal-mart has some experience in drones. “

We’re developing a whole suite of products,” Cairnes said.

Wal-mart has some experience in drones.

In the 1990s, the company began offering drones for use in its stores.

Now it’s rolling out the program nationwide.

“We have a lot more to offer with drones, and we’ve got a lot to offer in terms of the quality of product and the price point, as well,” Cairsons company spokesman Mark Brown said.

Walmart’s plans aren’t a surprise.

Walmart is one one of the top five e-retailers in the world, and the company is planning to expand the drone program into other parts of its supply chain.

Walmart has already partnered with Amazon and other online retailers to sell drones.

Amazon’s drones are capable of flying up to 1,000 feet, according to its website.

Wal-Mart is also building a new store in Dallas, Texas, with the drone plans.

Cairson said the Dallas store will open in late 2019.

Walmart said the drone will be used to fly shopping carts and other items in a warehouse.

WalMart’s drone plan is one in a series of drone initiatives the company has launched.

The retailer has been looking to increase drone usage in the past year.

Last fall, the retailer announced that it would begin testing drones for its e-tailers, which will be able to deliver orders to customers online.

Walmarts drone program is expected to go live in 2019.

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