Air quality and emissions in New Zealand

New Zealand’s air quality has worsened, and emissions from the country’s electronic medical records (EMR) are increasing.

The latest figures released by the Ministry of Health show that in July 2017, the average daily level of ozone was 40 micrograms per cubic metre, and in June 2018 it was 35 microgrammes per cubic meter.

A total of 12.9 million tonnes of pollutants were emitted from New Zealand in 2017, and 11.3 million tonnes in 2018.

While the level of pollution in New South Wales is much lower, the level in the capital city is higher than in other parts of the country.

In February 2018, the Ministry reported that New South Welsh households emitted 1.5 million tonnes more nitrogen dioxide than in the previous 12 months.

More than 40,000 New Zealanders died from respiratory diseases caused by air pollution in the country in 2017.

The Ministry’s latest report shows that the country has a long way to go to meet the targets set by the World Health Organization (WHO) to reduce air pollution.

“There’s an urgent need for us to make this a priority and to do this on a national scale,” Minister for Public Health Andrew Powell said.

“That’s what this government is doing and we are committed to it.”

Mr Powell said there are about 300,000 people employed in the New Zealand Public Service who have to make difficult choices when it comes to air quality.

He said he would also look at whether the Government should take more action to cut the carbon emissions of the electrical industry, which contributes about 40 per cent of the total emissions from electricity generation in New England.

The New Zealand Electric Power (NZEP) is the countrys largest electricity generation company.

It has a 30-year contract with the Ministry to produce electrical power.

NZEP said it had met its emissions target of 30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2021.

The company said it is currently in discussions with the ministry to find an appropriate balance between CO2 reduction and its obligations under its contract with New Zealand to deliver electrical power to the public.

NZE also said it was working with the Government to develop a new air quality plan for the state.

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