How to make an electron microscope image with an electronic part

Posted March 20, 2020 03:20:33Electronic parts are increasingly common on the market, and the possibilities for creating a high-resolution image from a small sample of data are endless.

But making a low-cost electron microscope that can scan an entire electron assembly in real time is challenging, if not impossible.

An electronic parts maker in Shanghai has come up with a solution, using a tiny transistor and a scanning laser to create a 3D image of an electronic circuit.

The result is an electron micrograph of the electronic components inside an electronic component, as well as the electronic properties of the individual components.

The electron micrographic is a kind of low-resolution electron microscope.

The electron microscope is a sort of low cost electronic parts scanner that has a 3-D view of the parts and allows you to zoom in on them.

A typical electron microgram is 1/10,000th of an electron’s mass, which is roughly the size of a human hair.

So, the image of the electron microchip in the chip scanner would be around a million times smaller than the electron microscope itself.

The company behind the microgram, CNC Electronics Co., said the chip-scanning microscope has been successfully produced in a laser printer using laser welding, but only at a very low cost.

The microgram uses a small laser that creates a laser beam that is split into a laser wavelength, or laser energy, and a wave that is reflected back into the laser, said CNC.

The laser then heats up the electron and creates a tiny electric field.

“With this method, we can produce a tiny image of just a single part at a time,” CNC said in a press release.

“This is much faster than any other method, because we are able to produce the image by laser welding.”

The microgram has an image resolution of about 100 microns (0.000002 inches) per pixel, but CNC added that a pixel can be as small as 100 nanometers.

The microgram can then be used to scan up to 4.5 million parts in a single scan.

A typical scan would take up to about 5 minutes.

However, the micrograms current is much higher than that, at roughly 5.2 amps.

That means that you could theoretically scan a microchip with a microgram for hours on end.

In addition to being an inexpensive way to create high-quality electron micro-graphic images, the technology could be useful in other industries where the cost of scanning components and components are prohibitive.

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