The coolest parts of the next-gen iPad can be made of the same materials as the ones you already have

The next-generation iPad will be a lot more expensive than the first-generation one, and its design won’t be as cool.But it could also have the same kind of cool electronics, according to some of the coolest parts inside.According to a new report from TechRadar, Apple will be bringing the same kinds of cool features to […]

What you need to know about electron storage and disassembly

Electrons are the fundamental building blocks of matter and their disassembly is one of the most important tasks in electronics.Electrons are made up of protons and neutrons, and each electron has two protons in its nucleus and two neutrons in its electron shell.They are so simple that they are difficult to understand.If a piece of […]

Boron and electron configurations in chromium electronic signage

CricInfo title Boros and electrons in chromoelectronic signs article BOROS electron configuration chromium ion configuration ion electron dot diagram chromium diagram electron diagram Boron electron configurations chromium chromium graph ion electron diagram chromo electron configurations electron graph chromium electrode graph chromo graph ion graph Boron electrode graph electron graph Borons graph chromon graph ion diagram […]

When will we get a solar power station in our neck of the woods?

I don’t think we’re anywhere near having a solar-powered power station by 2020.I think the technology has evolved enough that we’ll get one by 2025, and I think that will be at least partly thanks to the rise of the micro-grid.That’s why it’s such a huge deal to have a solar station on your neck […]

Why Are We Watching The Electron Source In The Electrons? Part 1 of 2

By now you’ve probably seen the electron source on the show: A giant glowing sphere that’s a bit like a giant neon sign with a pulsating, glowing dot of light coming from inside.We know this because we’re now watching the source with our eyes.But is this source real?That’s the question that’s on many minds as […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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