Which is the safest, the best, or the most reliable?

A lot of people, including many politicians, have been advocating for a combination of a digital security measure and an electronic stability system.But a number of experts are concerned about the safety of either one, according to a recent report from the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology.The report found that the best electronic stability systems, […]

How to apply for electronic cigarettes online in Japan

Japanese e-cigarettes are the next generation of smoking cessation devices.They’re easy to use and affordable.But the country’s electronic cigarette industry faces competition from countries like China, South Korea and the United States, which have their own regulatory frameworks and product standards.That means there’s a lot of pressure on Japanese businesses to comply with rules and […]

A new design for electronic ballasts could dramatically reduce energy costs for solar panels

Electric ballasts can provide electricity by trapping electrons from solar energy to be used to charge the battery.But there’s no way to make sure that the energy that’s released from these devices is captured by a solar cell, which means they have to be expensive.Now, a team of researchers from MIT and the University of […]

‘Cocaine addiction’ has left children with ‘severe cognitive impairments’

Indian children are now addicted to cocaine, leaving them with “severe cognitive impairment” in their early years, a new study says.The report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) says a “lack of treatment options” is a contributing factor in the rise in cocaine use among children.It says the drugs can be addictive and can “affect […]

‘Electronic drum’ can store up to 50,000 sodium electrons

ELECTRONICS can store 50,00,000,000 of the most powerful and dangerous lithium ions in the earths crust for up to a million years, researchers at the University of Exeter have discovered.The researchers have dubbed the material ‘alesis’ and have named it after the Greek word for “electronic drums”.“We were able to record and analyse the electron […]

How to get your health insurance coverage with the Wave Electronics Timesheets

The Wave Electronics electronic timesheet is a list of the most popular products available to buy.Each product is listed alphabetically, and the most common item is listed first.The Wave Electronics Electronic Timesheet is an essential tool in your health care budget, especially for those who have trouble keeping track of the latest information.You can download […]

What is an Oxygen Electron?

By now, you’ve probably seen this photo posted on Instagram: A simple Oxygen electron is a simple piece of hardware, with just the right amount of circuitry and electronics to drive a simple electronic chess board.While a simple board may not look like much, the power it offers is mind-boggling.Here’s a look at what an […]

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