What to know about the electronic Christmas cards card

Electronic Christmas cards that can be used on a mobile device can be downloaded and printed using a laser printer and a software package.It’s similar to a gift card in that it’s printed on a laser-cut paper and then attached to a magnetic card reader.The gift card then goes into the mail and the sender […]

‘A great place to buy games for your iPhone’: How to buy online games in China

Posted April 09, 2020 18:25:53It’s a long way from the internet to the iPad, but that hasn’t stopped Chinese electronics retailer Loteria from getting its hands on some of the best iPad games available on the Chinese market.We’re talking the classics like Diablo, Super Meat Boy, and even Call of Duty: WWII here, with an […]

When Calcium Valence Electrons Die, They Don’t Go to the Earth’s Bottom

A rare group of electrons in the electron shells of calcium atoms that are thought to be crucial for life on Earth could be the missing link that could lead to life elsewhere in the solar system, according to a new study.The calcium ions known as electron spin-ons have been proposed as a potential source […]

Chrome, Chromium: Here’s how to upgrade to the latest version of Google’s OS

By using the Chrome browser, you can upgrade from the default Chrome version 2.0.You’ll find this version on most Android devices, though it’s not yet available on Apple’s iPhone or iPad.To get started, click the Google Chrome menu in the upper right corner.It will show a few options, like “Change your OS version” or “Switch […]

How the World’s Most Advanced Electron Configuration Works

article In a world where the ability to design a chip with more than 20 billion transistors has never been easier, it’s no wonder the semiconductor industry is in a race to build more efficient devices.The latest development, however, may be even more significant: The world’s most advanced semiconductor, a component that can create more […]

Electron shielding and carbon nanotubes (COVID) as an effective electron shielding material for high-performance batteries

In this paper, we demonstrate that aluminum-containing semiconductor materials can provide the best protection against the electron-induced oxidative damage of high-voltage electric fields.We find that these materials are able to protect against the damaging effects of electron-stimulated oxidation in a manner that is not dependent on their specific electron-sensing properties.By incorporating these materials with carbon […]

How to Make the Electron Dance of Electron Music Popular

A new electronic dance music genre, electron dance music, has taken off in recent years and has been embraced by many in the dance music community.It’s a very different kind of music, one that is much more ambient, which lends itself to being played at parties, with lots of people playing and dancing together, rather […]

The Oxygen Atom Configuration: An Overview

Independent title Oxygen atom configuration: An overview article Independent article Oxygen electron configuration: The electron configuration of the hydrogen atom.This article is a continuation of the Oxygen Ion Configuration article.This is a new and exciting article that describes the configuration of oxygen atoms in a closed system.Oxygen ions are the dominant source of electron density […]

‘Cops are not here to protect us’: Teenager’s father speaks out

A 19-year-old student at a school in the eastern Nigerian city of Maiduguri was arrested on Saturday for allegedly assaulting a police officer and was subsequently jailed for four years, according to local media.The teenager was arrested after he allegedly assaulted a policeman who was working at the school on Saturday afternoon, according the Nigeria […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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